Camp McFadden

A Beautiful Multi-Use Recreation Area, Locate On The Shores Of Kaw Lake

Outdoor Education Program

What's New

We are currently looking for school groups to participate in our new Outdoor Education Program. If you are a school administrator, teacher or parent please contact us about this opportunity. Call the camp (580) 762-9955.



Attend the Outdoor Expo at Camp McFadden and enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities; fishing, canoeing, kayaking, archery, and hiking in the beautiful Oklahoma wilderness surrounding Kaw Lake.

Test your skills in a round of shotgun shooting and learn about gun safety.

Try the zip line or simply snack on tasty treats cooked over a campfire in a traditional Dutch oven.

Saturday, May 5th - 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Sunday, May 6th - 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Contact: (580) 762-9955.

Recent Events

Recent Events

Late fall and early winter has been busy with 15 different groups of out of state hunters staying for a week or more each.

Welcome to Camp McFadden

What is Camp McFadden?

Camp McFadden was first established in 1927 by Oilman William  McFadden as a Camp Fire Girls Camp. It now is a multi use recreational area with a Summer Camp Program for boys and girls, an Outdoor Education program for school groups and available for rent by the general public. The Camp is located on 250 acres of woods, hills and ponds overlooking the west shore of Kaw Dam Reservoir and provides a variety of facilities for church, youth, scout groups, family reunions, weddings and corporate events.


Summer Camp 2018

Sign your camper up today

Summer Camp is open to boys and girls, ages 5 - 18 years old in various programs. For youth ages 5 -9 we offer McFadden Kids Camp, a day program. Mini Camp offers 3 days - 2 nights for youth ages 6 - 9. Week long Resident Camps are available for youth ages 8 - 16. Advanced Outdoor Adventures for High School age youth include: Leadership Development Institute (LDI) and Teen Kayak Adventure (TKA). Scholarship assistance packets are available upon request.



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Camp McFadden

This original sign was one of the only items brought to the new location when Kaw Lake was built in 1975. The other item sits over the fireplace in our lodge and commemorates the first year Camp McFadden was operational in 1927 as a Camp Fire Girls camp.


This photo gives you a perspective of the layout of our cabins and lodge. A short walk to the water, Camp McFadden has about 250 acres and sits on the western shore of Kaw Lake, 2 miles from the dam and 8 miles east of Ponca City, Oklahoma.


These cabins, 6 total, are for rent through out the year when Summer Camp is not in session, and share a common bath house. Each cabin has ten single beds and air conditioning. Recently remodeled they have new windows and insulation.

Summer Camp

During the heat of summer here in Oklahoma the Summer Campers spent countless hours in the waters of not just Kaw Lake but also our two ponds.

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Multi-Use Recreation Area
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